Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Image Dump: Recent Paintings

"Clara and the Velvet Rabbit" Ink on Paper *SOLD*

"Releasing the Butter-foal" Acrylic on Canvas - *SOLD*

"Bath Time" Acrylic on canvas - *SOLD*

"The Magic Feather" Acrylic on canvas *SOLD*

"Birthday" Ink and acrylic on Paper *SOLD*

"Good Mourning" Acrylic on Canvas - *SOLD*

"Spaniel Song" Ink on Paper - *SOLD*

"The Giant Ice Cream" Acrylic on paper *SOLD*

"Little Llama" Acrylic on paper *SOLD*

"Cotton Candy Girl" Acrylic on canvas *SOLD*

"The Warning Trumpeter" Acrylic on canvas *SOLD*

"Little Red" Acrylic on canvas *SOLD*

"Dandy Man" Ink on paper- *SOLD*

"Swan Lake" Acrylic on canvas - *SOLD*

Custom painting for Dan and Jason. Acrylic on paper.


lionel fahy out of step said...

it is just amazing as ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing those new paintings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bea said...

-gorgeous art! I'm enamored of the ginger cat in 'Bath Time', and would like to scratch its big, round belly.

Anonymous said...

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