Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Blues

The Runaway *SOLD* and The Forager £90

Binge *SOLD*

Mini Blue Painting- The Bear *SOLD*

Mini Blue Paintings: all sold 

Ice Cream for the After-life

Painted Victorian CDV *SOLD*

Arms Tied 

Twins *SOLD*

Mini Spirit Statues £70 each (Second from left *SOLD*)

Drastic Measures (detail) 

Painted Victorian CDV £40

Above: The Birth of Earth work in progress.
Below: The Birth of Earth (finished detail) 


Plume said...

hello Jes!
I'm so in love with your Art... thanks for sharing ^_^
I browsed the net searching for a "sugarhill shop", but I wasn't able to find it... I'd love to purchase your "contorsionist", or maybe one of your "blue heads" (the first from the left!)! how could I do this?do you sell your Art just through live events, or it could be possible to purchase something from the net? thanks so much ^_^ have a nice day (sorry for my poor english)*** Sam

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