Thursday, January 17, 2013

Work from November/December

The Fluffiest Dog in the World- *SOLD*

Flowergirl- *SOLD*

(Flowergirl detail)

Christmas 2012 ornaments: mini woodland taxidermy *SOLD OUT*

Batman MMXII - *SOLD*
Joy- *SOLD*

Dunces- £80 each

A Visual Diagram of the Creative Process- £300

Man with Beard and Pipe- *SOLD*

The Hollow Boy- £200


Sarah said...

Jes! I love it all!! You are so talented!

Erin Liberty said...

The Hollow Boy and Wood taxidermy are my fav. Looks like you have been busy!

Unknown said...

I bought the fox ornament back in Brick Lane & I still have my christmas tree standing until I have a more decorative tree of branches to hang it up on :-) I like it too much to put it away. I wonder how you made the shape of these lovely little animal heads

Jes said...

Thank You everybody! The ornaments are made out of polymer clay and then baked and painted. hehe

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