Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Our Garden

A few months back some guys were gutting one of the houses across the street from us and at some point this door made it's way out to the skip. Apparently it was embellished by an old lady that once lived in the house and the builders were happy for us to take it.  We knew straight away that we were going to make a table with it, and initially we had hunted for some used trestles perhaps from an old paint and decorator, but after a few month of hunting we settled on these trestles from Ikea.
 The door is covered in old wine and spirits labels and victorian ephemera. A few of the labels have dates on them which tend to be from the 60's and 70's.  I painted the trim of the door a cream colour, repaired and re-glued some of the labels that needed attention and varnished the whole thing, including the part of the door that is a little dingy from where many hands were placed to open and close the door (the presence of absence). 


Sarah said...

That door is absolutely lovely!!

Bea said...

Sarah couldn't have said it better...
Both your garden and the door are lovely.

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