Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Followed By Summer...

Here are a few pictures from over the last month or so.
A very tiny spider web

Outside an exhibition opening in Shoreditch.

(Above) Unfinished start to a new painting.
(Below) Two tiny paintings that are now available in my shop.

Dad and Cheri outside the B&B.

The beggar that was using his dog for his dirty work pictured here, was distressed that people were taking pictures of his dog.  Columbia Road.

A very suave flower tradesman.

Fire-breathing Tuba.

The time it was when we saw the Queen.

Boating the Thames.

In a revolving bubble packed with tourists.

I could've squashed those ants.

Decapitation with a smile.

Salisbury Plains, UK

On the path to Windsor Castle.

A raven bound to the Tower of London.

Johnny's last day in London. In front of Cleo's Barbershop.

New painting: The Explorer.


Sarah said...

Looks like you had a lovely visit with your dad, Jes! I hope to visit you someday! Miss you!

Amy said...

These pics are fantabulous!

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