Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More New Works

Here are a few more new paintings. They are lacking finishing touches, but are well on their way to being completed. (Above) This one was inspired by some amazing old circus and sideshow posters that I saw. I haven't thought of the perfect name yet, but I keep referring to her as "Esmeralda". My other half keeps snarkily referring to her as "Susan Boyle". I'm fairly confident the perfect name will come to mind sooner or later. Any suggestions?

The painting above was inspired I suppose by a blog that I saw that makes use of old Mason jars in the hugest variety of ways. I'm not sure why I decided to paint a head in one. I think I was having sub-conscience thoughts of Teeny Little Super Guy . Does he look a little like Freddie Mercury?

The painting below is kind of random. I was imagining how funny a chair made for a giraffe would look ( problems focusing much?) and then I painted it. (hehe)


Laura Michelle Muraco said...

What about "Madam Esmeralda and her Frilly Pants" ?

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