Friday, May 15, 2009

Tulum, Quantana Roo,Mexico....

A month ago I arrived back in New York after spending a week in a very beautiful place. Located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Two hours south of Cancun just far enough to avoid the abundance of hammered college students and snobby American tourists; you will find a beautiful little town sandwiched between a coast lined with remote, eco-friendly cabana sites, lush forests and some of the most beautiful diving spots on the planet. It is called Tulum. 

We ended up resting our heads at a lovely place called Copal. For only 60 USD a night we stayed in cabana ocho. Feet from the sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. We are very blessed and we definitely knew that being there.

While we were there, the moon was full more than one night over the ocean is was simultaneously the most beautiful and eerie thing considering we were pretty much alone with the mysterious ocean world cast under the moon. I'm sure the  mermaids were out when this picture was taken

We definitely took advantage of all of Tulum's earthly delights. Especially the beautiful snorkeling and diving spots. Our favorite being Cenote "Dos Ojos" or two eyes.

While we were there we decided to rent a moped instead of a car. If the weather is beautiful and warm all the time you might as well ride with the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth right? Anyway, the decision cost us the small rental of twelve dollars a day and one, three dollar tank of gas for a week of cruising the coast line.

These pictures illustrate what happens when you try to fish around a flock of pelicans or "Modern day Terradactyls". They WILL fly down and try to peck your face off until you give up. They always win. 

Delicious cocktail recipe from the trip:
(Bailey's, Bananas, and coconut cream)
Serves 1 or 2

2c Ice
1 Banana
1 part Coconut Cream
1 part Bailey's
A dash of heavy cream
(good with a little rum added as well)

Blend together and sample what heaven tastes like. Yum!


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