Friday, April 17, 2009

Early Spring Trip Upstate....

I went upstate this past weekend, just to get out of the city. Although it wasn't the most green or lush time of year, It was still a beautiful sight because it is just starting to warm up and everything is a seemingly blank canvas for what nature has yet to paint for the season.

Trixie the dog seems to be first, floating out of a beer can and then floating in mid air. She definitely gets a gold metal in being the weirdest dog ever. Even when it comes to getting her picture taken!

Here's a shot of Barry getting sticky fingers from touching the sap that they use to make maple syrup. 

I took all of my pictures in black and white. For some reason I feel like more details are picked up in black and white photos. Especially since there wasn't much color in the landscape this time of year.


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